Care of Babies in Winter Infant Care in Winter New Born Care in Winter Winter Care for New Born Baby Care in Winter

Care of Babies in Winter  Infant Care in Winter  New Born Care in Winter  Winter Care for New Born  Baby Care in Winter

Hi Friends! We are entering into winter season there are many things that cause illness to us in this season specially we need to take care of infants as they cannot express what they want. We need to arrange everything that comfort them from this climatic changes.

So let us get ready with the things to take care of infant in this season. Before that let me tell you one thing what ever the season may be keeping infants warm is very essential.

Most important things that you need to look after:

Let us see the above mentioned things in detail.

Clean Environment:

Always see that you stay in a neat and healthy environment. As the season changes there will be bacteria every where. So if your surroundings are not clean there are chances that bacteria increases in such places and causes diseases. So Keep your surroundings clean.

Hygienic Conditions at Home:

Keeping clean and maintaining hygiene has lot of difference. Here you need to see that you provide your child everything hygienic. This means usage of soaps, clothes, food everything should be taken care.

  • Don`t use adult soaps that can cause rashes to your baby.
  • For every 6-7 hours change your baby clothes.
  • Don`t over bath her. Making her bath once in a day is sufficient. If not once you make her bath and other half of the day while changing her clothes you may clean her with a cloth dipped in warm water.
  • Make her feel fresh always.
  • Don`t give the food that is prepared so long that means 10hrs before. Always feed her with fresh foods with little warm
  • Always clean your baby ears and nose after bath.
  • Use Moisturizer regularly to her body so that it helps her skin to get dry.
Keeping yourself clean and fresh always is also very important. Always clean your hands with soap and use sanitizers when ever you take her in your hands.

Simple tips to illness:

We can always take steps to prevent illness but we are not sure that we can avoid the illness completely. So even after taking steps if some illness is caused see for some tips that can help reducing it. For example, when baby is suffering with Caugh give two or three drops of Tulsi juice. Like wise we have tips for every small illness. Try to follow them.

Night care:

Always try to keep your baby dry all the night otherwise that can discomfort your baby.

Handling your baby:

When you take your baby away from home carry a thick blanket always with you. Try to cover your baby ears so that cold breeze does not enter into her ears. See that you don`t close her face completely and discomfort her breath.

Follow the above mentioned things very carefully and keep your baby healthy and hygiene for this coming winter.

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