Follow A Diet To Improve Skin Quality

Follow A Diet To Improve Skin Quality

After the tests made in laboratories, Loreal can say that certain foods are able to improve skin quality, in general.

Put together the rules for a beautiful skin diet a few basic principles. To this, add daily skin care and skin cosmetic treatments and, last but not least, general care to you and your beauty.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 – specialists in beauty

Control and regulate the consumption of fat. Fats are necessary for healthy skin, but their quality and quantity is essential, say experts from Loreal. Fats should be consumed in small quantities and should be from plant sources. The ratio of omega 6 and omega-3 should be 2-1. Most times, consumption usually involves a 15-1 ratio of what is harmful and healthy. Omega 6 is found in sunflower oil, the largest proportion, and this oil is the main source of omega 6. A solution to balance the ratio is limited consumption of sunflower oil, one spoon at every meal, and increased consumption of omega-3 rich oils such as olive oil, walnut oil or avocados existent.

Sweets are not good for skin

Refined carbohydrate sweets are the main cause of inflammatory problems. To this, add cellulite and acne. The solution: give up sweets and refined products, everything that meant avoiding carbohydrates from white sources. It is refined white sugar, about potatoes in all forms in which they can be prepared, and white flour and bakery products (bread, puff pastry, dough).

Stress can seriously damage your nerves

Clinique Tests have shown that stress and anger, even of short duration, are very bad for the skin. It turned out that there is a chain hormone results in increased levels of cholesterol, reducing the amount of insulin and a harmful vasoconstriction, which is associated with stress and anger. Each one hurt. The combination of these phenomena seriously affect your skin.