chemistry - discovery drug equipment medical x-ray

chemistry - discovery drug equipment medical x-ray

esmo.comElectronic Service for Medical Offices, Inc.pointescientific.comPointe Scientific, Inc. - Manufacturer of Quality Clinical...tassapharmaceuticals.comTassa Pharmaceuticals is developing next generation - Association of the British Pharmaceutial Industrywww.abtx.comAbT, Inc. - Your Source for OEM and Contract Manufactured...www.alantos.comAlantos Pharmaceuticals AGwww.argentadiscovery.comArgenta - World Class Drug Discoverywww.biofocus.comBioFocus plc - Collaborative Drug Discovery services to...www.cemsynthesis.comMicrowave Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Lead Optimization...www.diamonddiagnostics.comDiamond Diagnostics: Blood Gas, Chemistry, Hematology, Electrolyte,...www.discoverypartners.comDrug Discovery: Lead Discovery & Lead Optimization Products...www.drugdiscoveryonline.comDrug Discovery Online: Digital Marketplace for the drug...www.edit-technologies.comSite 01www.emintech.comEminTech - product development, surface equipment repair, diagnostics, servicing and preventative...www.giessediagnostics.comClinical chemistry , diagnostic reagents - Chimica clinica...www.hemagen.comHemagen Diagnosticswww.htmed.comHIGH TECHNOLOGY INC.-Global Provider of Laboratory, Analytical,...www.mddepot.comMercedes Medical Official Site Discount Medical Supplies...www.mdli.comMDL Information Systems Homewww.mixturesciences.comMixture Sciences, Inc.www.modernlab.comModern Laboratory Serviceswww.myco-instrumentation.comChemistry Analyzers: Abbott Axsym, TDX, TDX Flex, IMX, Beckman...www.novamanufacturing.comNova Biomedical Contract Manufacturing Division: World research development biopharmaceutical PanTherixwww.pcop.comPharmacopeia Drug Discovery Inc. - accelerating drug Medical PLH Medical Ltd, X-Ray, X-Ray Film, X-Ray Equipment,...www.polymerlabs.comPolymer Laboratories'' Company Websitewww.researchinnovation.comRESEARCH & INNOVATIONwww.rkymtnrad.comRocky Mountain Radiographics X-ray equipment, supplies,...www.vpharm.comVertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporatedwww.zj-anjian.com广州市ç� 江生化试剂有限公司...www.amdl.comThyroid Products, Urine Chemistry Test,inc.www.abaxis.comThe Piccolo Point-of-Care Chemistry and Electrolyte Systemwww.accelrys.comAccelrys > Sciencewww.argotech.comArgonaut - Chemistry.www.albmolecular.comAlbany Molecular Research: The Company: Departments: Medicinal...www.anadyspharma.comAnadys Pharmaceuticals Inc. - Science & Technology -...www.bioanalytical.comBASi Bioanalytical - Homewww.cbi-biotech.comAnalytical Chemistry - Leading Edgewww.cgen.comCompugen: Genomics-Based Drug and Diagnostic Discoverywww.idexx.comVetTest Chemistry Analyzerwww.tripos.comTripos Onlinewww.orthovita.comOrthovita Products: CORTOSS Chemistrywww.celera.comCelera Genomics: Advanced Technologies, Advanced Therapieswww.wyeth.comWyeth: Research & Development: Global Research Alliances

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Electronic Service for Medical Offices, Inc. Service for Medical Offices: New and Used Medical and Laboratory Equipment Technical Support, Service, and Sales; Cell-Dyn specialistsPointe Scientific, Inc. - Manufacturer of Quality Clinical...http://pointescientific.comManufacturers of clinical laboratory diagnostic products including clinical chemistry reagents, and instruments since 1981.Tassa Pharmaceuticals is developing next generation anti-infective... Pharmaceuticals is developing next generation anti-infective compounds to meet the growing need for effective treatments for tenacious and drug resistant strains of bacteriaABPI - Association of the British Pharmaceutial Industry on how medicines are discovered, developed and marketed and opportunities for a wide variety of careers within the pharmaceutical industry. Information provided by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical IndustryAbT, Inc. - Your Source for OEM and Contract Manufactured...http://www.abtx.comAbT, a producer of contract manufactured and OEM in vitro diagnostics, custom processed human and animal serums, and matrices for the manufacture of calibrators and controls for diagnostic productsAlantos Pharmaceuticals AG Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company which applies a unique and exclusive drug discovery technology - Target Amplified Drug Candidate Evolution (TACE)Argenta - World Class Drug Discovery Discovery is an independent drug discovery company providing hit-to-lead and lead optimisation (medicinal and high-throughput analytical chemistry, biochemical and cellular screening, and in vitro pharmacokinetic screening) and related services to the pharmaceutical industry.BioFocus plc - Collaborative Drug Discovery services to... a team of over 150 staff, BioFocus offers fully integrated, multidisciplinary chemistry and biology expertise for pre-clinical drug discovery. These skills, combined with proprietary assay and design technologies provide accelerated partnered programmes for novel lead discoveryMicrowave Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Lead Optimization...http://www.cemsynthesis.comMicrowave Synthesis, medicinal chemistry, lead optimization & drug development. Focused Microwave Technology to increase productivity, yields and selectivity in the pharmaceutical industry.Diamond Diagnostics: Blood Gas, Chemistry, Hematology, Electrolyte,..., used, recertified, analyzers, analyzer, preowned, clinical, laboratory, diagnostic, equipment, systems, Instruments, system, InstrumentDrug Discovery: Lead Discovery & Lead Optimization Products... Partners is a leader in drug discovery with proven capabilities in lead discovery and optimization, medicinal and combinatorial chemistry, structural biology, ultra high throughput screening, assay development.Drug Discovery Online: Digital Marketplace for the drug...http://www.drugdiscoveryonline.comResource for professionals in the drug development industry- Information on drug discovery and early-stage drug development, discovery technology and moreSite 01 Technologies, Inc. is a medical device and clinical laboratory consulting firmEminTech - product development, surface chemistryhttp://www.emintech.comEminTech, consultant in surface chemistry and pharmaceutical product developmentMedical equipment repair, diagnostics, servicing and preventative... Technical Services specializes in medical equipment repair and provides technical equipment service support to the UK National Health Service and private companies within the industrial, medical and diagnostics fields throughout the UK and Europe.Clinical chemistry , diagnostic reagents - Chimica clinica..., produce e commercializza diagnostici per la Chimica Clinica,Immunoturbidimetria e Sierologia.L'' Azienda è certificata ISO 9001:2000 e ISO 13485:2000 Design,production and sales of in vitro medical diagnostics devices for Clinical chemistry , Immunoturbidimetry and Serology.The management system is certified ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2000.Hemagen Diagnostics''s clinical diagnostic product lines include Virgo IFA and ELISA kits, Analyst benchtop chemistry system, RAICHEM Chemisty and Immunoassay Reagents, and CPI research products.HIGH TECHNOLOGY INC.-Global Provider of Laboratory, Analytical,..., reconditioned, second hand, laboratory, clinical, ultrasound equipment, chemistry Analyzers, Hematology Analyzers, Centrifuges, Coagulation Analyzers, Flow Cytometers, Gamma Counters, Gas Chromatograph, Electrolyte Analyzers, Blood Gas Analyzers, Spectrophotometers, Osmometers, Microplate Readers, EKG, Ultrasound Systems, scaner, Ventilators, Immunoassay, Microscopes, AVL, Abbott, Beckman, Bayer, Coulter, Ciba, Corning, Chiron, Hitachi, BMD, Roche, IL, Instrumentation, Laboratory, Technicon, TOA, Sysmex, IEC, Sorvall, MLA, ACL, Becton Dickinson, Isodata, ICN, Medica, Nova, Radiometer, Bush & Lomb, B&L, Spectronic, Stat Fax, Awarness Technology, Fukuda Denshi, Burdick, Hewlett Packard, Aloka, Bird, Bear, Sechrist, Aridyne, ATL, Tecan, Acuson, GE, Colonhydropherapy,AcusonMercedes Medical Official Site Discount Medical Supplies... sell Lab Supplies, Lab Instrumentation, Medical Equipment, Front Office, chemistry Reagents, Hematology Reagents, Coagulation Reagents, Immunoassay Reagents and Safety Blood Collection sets (Butterflies).MDL Information Systems Homehttp://www.mdli.comMDL is the pioneering leader in discovery informatics for the life sciences and chemistry. We provide software, content, and services.Mixture Sciences, Inc. Sciences, Inc., a privately-held biotechnology company, specializes in biomedical research and drug discovery.Modern Laboratory Serviceshttp://www.modernlab.comModern Laboratory Services distributes ANALYZERS for chemistry, Hematology, Immunoassay, and all other Clinical Laboratory Specialties; REAGENTS for all of your laboratory needs; TEST KITS for Rapid Diagnostic Testing. We distribute for over 60 major manufacturers.Chemistry Analyzers: Abbott Axsym, TDX, TDX Flex, IMX, Beckman... buy and sell used, refurbished, reconditioned and pre-owned clinical laboratory equipment and instrumentationtion. Visit MYCO for lab equipment, laboratory analyzers, chemistry analyzers and instrumentation.Nova Biomedical Contract Manufacturing Division: World Leader... is a world leader in the manufacture of medical devices and diagnostics. Our engineering and scientific expertise encompasses mechanical, electrical and software engineering along with analytical chemistry methodologies in an FDA registered, ISO 9001 certified facility.antibiotics research development biopharmaceutical PanTherix - designing tomorrow''s antibiotics today.Pharmacopeia Drug Discovery Inc. - accelerating drug discovery. A leader in enabling science and technology that accelerates and improves the drug discovery and chemical development processes.PLH Medical PLH Medical Ltd, X-Ray, X-Ray Film, X-Ray Equipment,... Equipment, Xray film and Imaging for Dentists, Vets & the Medical ProfessionsPolymer Laboratories'' Company Website Laboratories manufactures GPC / SEC & HPLC instrumentation, GPC / SEC & multi detector software, GPC / SEC & HPLC consumables, resins for drug discovery, medicinal / combinatorial chemistry & peptide synthesis and clinical & diagnostic particles for pharma applications. We operate in the USA, UK, Germany, Benelux and France and are supported by a technical worldwide distributor network.RESEARCH & INNOVATION & Innovation - Padua - Italy Research & Innovation : RESEARCH and INNOVATION RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT BIOPHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY BIOTECHNOLOGY COMPANY RESEARCH LABORATORIES PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY NEUROBIOLOGY and NEUROPHARMACOLOGY FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS FUNCTIONAL PROTEOMICS NEUROSCIENCE NEUROSCIENZE NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS DRUG DISCOVERY DRUG DEVELOPMENT NEURODEGENERATIVE DISORDERS ALZHEIMER''S DISEASE STROKE AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS NERVOUS SYSTEM MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS INFLAMMATION and PAINFUL NEUROPATHIC PAIN DIAGNOSTICS DIAGNOSTICA TECNOLOGIES DIAGNOSTICS SERVICE DNA microarray BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH NEUROIMMUNOLOGY MOLECULAR R&I BIOLOGY SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION DRUG FARMACI DESIGN HIGH THROUGHPUT SCREENING(H. T. S.) DISCOVERY chemistry RATIONAL DRUG DESIGN GENETIC TESTING SERVICE MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS DIAGNOSTICA NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS PARKINSON''S DISEASE NEURODEGENERATION NEURONAL DYSFUNCTION CELLULAR DEGENERATION NEURODEGENERATIVE PROCESSES NEUROAPOPTOSIS CANNABINOIDS RECEPTORS ENDOCANNABINOIDS SYSTEM DEMYELINATION GENE EXPRESSION COLON CANCER EUROPE ITALY ITALIA VENETO PADOVA PADUARocky Mountain Radiographics X-ray equipment, supplies,..., xray, radiology, radiographics, processors, film, x-ray equipment, x-ray film, x-ray supplies, chemistry, Konica, Wuestec, Control-X, AGFA, Alphatek, All-Pro, Direct Digital, PACS,Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated广州市ç� 江生化试剂有限公司... to biochemical reagents include urine glucose test paper, urine-protein test paper, urine trilink test paper and some other series.Thyroid Products, Urine Chemistry Test Kits,inc. Inc., through our ongoing research in Glycoscience, has demonstrated that it is possible to increase the efficacy and decrease the toxicity of generic chemotherapy drugs by using our current drug formulations under study, DAVANAT-1, DAVAVAT-2, and DAVANAT-3. We have taken an exciting direction in the fight against cancer.The Piccolo Point-of-Care Chemistry and Electrolyte System > Science has a proven record of technology firsts and leading software solutions across genomics, biology, chemistry, and materials scienceArgonaut - Chemistry. Synthesis, Purification&Development. Technologies provides innovative instruments and chemical products to accelerate organic synthesis throughout R&D in pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, fine chemicals, and materials science.Albany Molecular Research: The Company: Departments: Medicinal... Pharmaceuticals Inc. - Science & Technology -... to advancing patient care by discovering, developing and commercializing novel and powerful anti-infective medicines hepatitis antibacterialBASi Bioanalytical Chemistry - Home is a biotechnology company applying its leading technology in immunotherapy and organic chemistry for the development of cancer therapeutics. The Company''s commitment to the development of products for the treatment of cancer is currently focused on synthetic therapeutic vaccines and innovative strategies for immunotherapy of cancer. We are the Cancer Vaccine People*.Analytical Chemistry - Leading Edge to the latest equipment, techniques and databases allow us the ability to find effective multi-alignment for the entire protein domain, not just a small fraction.Compugen: Genomics-Based Drug and Diagnostic Discovery, a genomics-based drug and diagnostic discovery company, increases the probability of successful development of novel drug and diagnostic products by incorporating ideas and methods from mathematics, computer science, and physics into the disciplines of biology, organic chemistry, and medicine.VetTest Chemistry Analyzer, chemistry, AnalyzerTripos Online (Nasdaq: TRPS) combines leading-edge technology and innovative science to deliver consistently superior chemistry-research products and services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science industries. Tripos partners with clients to accelerate and improve the creation of life-enhancing products. Within Tripos'' Discovery Informatics (DI) business, the company provides software products and consulting services to develop, manage, analyze and share critical drug discovery information. Within Tripos'' Discovery Research (DR) business, Tripos'' medicinal chemists and research scientists partner directly with clients in their research initiatives, leveraging state-of-the-art information technologies and research facilities. Headquartered in St Louis, Mo., Tripos spans the world with global research operations and an international client base.Orthovita Products: CORTOSS Chemistry Genomics: Advanced Technologies, Advanced Therapies''s mission is to discover and develop meaningful new therapies that improve human health. We are applying our diverse genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics, medicinal chemistry and biology technology platforms to identify and validate drug targets, aWyeth: Research & Development: Global Research Alliances Wyeth, we have forged strategic alliances with companies on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Through our relationships with these companies, we are able to participate in combinatorial chemistry, high throughput robotic screening of compounds, in-licensing of important new products, and genomics initiatives

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